Magical music for better living

Worldwide, millions of people listen to the music of award-winning composer, Raimond Lap. His music has a harmonious, positive, restful and – above all – pleasant effect on people of all ages. Thanks to powerful melodic compositions, supported by balanced harmonies – often with humorous undertones – Raimond Lap creates a basis for his magical music. It cheers everyone up, from baby to adult.
award winning composer Raimond Lap
award winning composer Raimond Lap

The family is the cornerstone of society. An unstable family is at the root of physical and mental agression. If I can influence the stability of a family, the value of my music is more than proven. In such cases, it ultimately leads to a better and more harmonious society.
Building a better future begins with family harmony.
Raimond Lap

Raimond Lap's music stimulates family harmony, creating a relaxed, harmonious and cheerful atmosphere within the whole family

Educational and entertaining

All of Raimond's productions consist of many entertaining and
educational elements. Raimond Lap is internationally known for his CDs, which
have been given the most prestigious golden and platinum record awards.

Play the Lovely Family CD at times when you and your family are ready for a moment of serene quiet, solidarity and relaxation.

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